A Restaurant Review from London, Ontario - Jambalaya Restaurant

Such a shame. Jambalaya Restaurant, located at 119 Dundas Street, London, Ontario has delicious offerings, but their service is painfully slow. Not only is this the case if you choose to dine at their establishment, but takeout is even worse. I appreciate the selection of Cajun, Caribbean and Thai offerings and dishes that are vegetarian-friendly but if your restaurant is busy, at least be honest and don't give me a load of garbage about how quickly we'll be getting our food. I just wanted a break from cooking and as it was a weekend, thought it might be nice to indulge a bit and have a bit ordered in. One and a half hours later, though we were told it would arrive in 40 minutes or so .... Chef Ramsay would not be pleased. Donkeys.

I really don't mind eating cold food, but when I order out, I do expect to enjoy warm delights. I especially like their corn bread, moist with a burst of cornmeal flavor, vegetable quesadilla loaded with tempting cheese, olives and hot peppers, and Jamaican patties stuffed with fresh vegetables, and that is what we ordered. The folks who run the restaurant are quite charming and I don't want to discourage hungry folks from enjoying their offerings. I just wish they had more staff and don't like to wait for too long before dinner when my tummy is rubbling.

Had to call three times, the third time to complain because the driver who was to deliver the food could not get an easy address right in his head. The food was rather cold and we only accepted it because we were hungry. Just annoyed and though, as noted, the food is good, the decor rather charming, but the service is not up to snuff. I don't expect good food to arrive right away, but at least don't mislead your patrons, and they could have had the courtesy to call and tell us there was a delay, especially considering the offerings on the menu are not cheap. All the same, the food is worth the wait, all things considered.

Such A Shame

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