My Legume Love Affair - #56 - February 2013 Edition

I would like to thank each of the contributors to this month's MLLA roundup. You have all helped make this transition to legume mistress a great success. Of course, a special thanks to Susan for passing along the reigns and crowning me 'Our Lady of the Legumes'. I hope this long running and popular event will continue to be a favored spot for your legume creations and inspiration for those of us who love to cook with legumes.

Let's get started with some starters and sides.

moong daal paratha

courtesy of Sharmistha of Cook-A-Doodle-Do. The mighty mung bean shines here, combined with broken wheat, for a lovely starter or accompaniment to your meal.

peas pulao

from Nupur of One Hot Stove. A classic side all dressed up for dinner. Essential for any Indian meal.

Banana Flower Vada

entered by Shri of TiffinCarrier Antic/que's. These golden cutlets are inspired by a visit to India and will set your table abloom.

black_eyed pea salad

passed along from Siri of Cooking with Siri. A refreshing side that could just as easily serve as a main.

Lentil Prívarok

from Cinzia of Cindystar. A complete and balanced leguminous brunch or lunch with lots of satisfying flavors.

avocado hummus

offered up from Lisa's Kitchen. Smooth, light, creamy and fluffy fresh-tasting appetizer dip or a lovely lunch or dinner accompaniment.

chickpea cutlets

from Avika of A Day Through my Life. A substantial side, appetizer or satisfying meal just crying out to be served with homemade green chutney.

guar beans

entered by Swathi of Zesty South Indian Kitchen. These not so humble beans shine in this curry that goes oh so well with rice and gravy.

green beans

from Rose of Magpie's Recipes. An elegant side or complete meal when served with rice and a soft boiled egg.

bean couscous salad

from Elizabeth of Elizabeth's Kitchen. This vibrant salad could easily be a healthy meal just by itself and it's a snap to put together.

lentil fritters

Lentil Fritters/Urad Dal Vada
from Princy of Spicy Foood. A tea time snack with a healthy dose of legumes. Serve as a starter with your meal or as a tempting side.

Red lentil & shallot velluteè with Curry & Cumin

Red Lentil and Shallot Velluteè with Curry and Cumin
courtesy of Brii of briggishome. A nourishing lunch not to be missed and a welcome addition to the dinner table.

edamame hummus

Edamame and Garlic Spread
courtesy of Soma of eCurry. If you need a satisfying snack, then pair this mouthwatering lemony and nutty hummus spread with some rustic bread.

beans bulgur and kale

from Janet of The Taste Space. This nourishing dish is so easy and a delightful addition to the table.

Lemon Quinoa with Black Garbanzo Beans

offered up by Denny of Oh Taste n See. A beautifully balanced and elegant meal with some zest.


from Anita of The Mad Tea Party. Perfect comfort food especially when served with coconut chutney, lime and ghee. Vegetables, pickles and pakoras really make this a special meal.

chow chow curry

from Meena of Encourage Spice. This nourishing kootu would pair well with a tamarind rasam and some Indian flatbreads.

pasta pea walnut pesto

from Shruti of Part Time Chef. Serious legume comfort food with grace.

Ragada Patties

from Lata of Flavours and Tastes. These could be served as a starter, but they are worth occupying the centerpiece of your meal.

pumpkin kale chickpea curry

served from Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe. This glorious stew is all the more comforting when paired with homemade rustic brown bread.

chickpea curry

from tigerfish of An Escape to Food. An Indian classic that never fails to please.

How about some snacks and desserts?

Gur wali Patti

from Saravjit of SohNi's Kitchen. A comforting and nourishing nutty winter treat to combat the winter blues.

moong dal ladoo

from Anusha of Tomato Blues. Simple, "sinfully delicious", yet healthy too. A comforting indulgence for any occasion.

peanut praline

from lovely Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook, the founder of this popular event. This "butterscotch-rich" vegan sweet will surely provide a needed boost throughout the day.

And now for our winner - congratulations to Rose of Magpie's Recipes. She will receive both the book and Hurst bean prize.

Our guest host for March is PJ of Seduce your Tastebuds ... Please forward your legume recipe to her and see her announcement. For all things MLLA, visit the ongoing archive.


janet @ the taste space said...

Delicious round-up, Lisa. One can never have too much bean-spiration. :)

Elizabeth said...

What a fantastic round up of such beautiful foods! There's some pretty talented food bloggers in this group! Well done :)

Swathi said...

Great round up Lisa lot of good recipes.

Rose from Magpies Recipes said...

Gosh what an awesome roundup! So many new things I want to try! So happy to win the giveaway too Lisa, thanks so much again for hosting and for picking me :))

Cindystar said...

Thanks for this delicious recap, Lisa.
It's lunch time by now, what shall I choose? :-)
Happy legume affairs for years ahead! ;-)

Soma said...

Beautiful round up as always Lisa. and I really glad that I could be part of this event.

meena said...

Beautiful round up.I am glad that i participated in it.

Nupur said...

Thank you for the oh-so-tasty round up, Lisa! There are so many dishes I want to try from this collection, starting with that beautiful lemon quinoa.

tigerfish said...

I feel so healthy just looking at the round-up of dishes. Thanks.