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My Legume Love Affair has been going strong since 2008. Huge thanks are in order to Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook for starting up this popular legume feast where we can find contributions from food bloggers around the world to encourage and inspire us to get creative with a vast variety of legumes in our own kitchens. Flattered is an understatement as I take over the role of Legume Mistress, since February 2013, with some help from my dear friend Susan whose presence will continue to be known and honored. I've been passed the baton and now I will continue to run the relay with some help from friends. I look forward to your continued generous and inspired contributions.

I am making a few transitional changes, though I will basically keep with the original format. The event will continue to be a monthly event, with guest hosts helping out throughout the year. The roundup will be hosted within a few days of the closing date for submissions and winners contacted as soon as possible.

I will update this page regularly, so consider this your one stop place for information regarding MLLA.

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What you need to know to participate:

I own and maintain a vegetarian cooking site, so only entries that are free of meat, fowl and seafood will be accepted. Egg dishes will be accepted if legumes play a central role. Please only one submission per month, per blogger. Recipes from your archives will be accepted if reposted and updated. You may submit your recipe to other events, but please check to see if those hosts have restrictions.

For your dish to be included in the roundup, it must contain more than just a few tablespoons of legumes. The slight exception to this are legumes such as fenugreek or tamarind that typically are used in smaller quantities. Fresh or dried beans, lentils, pulses, and the sometimes edible pods that contain these seeds, and derivative products such as tofu or besan, along with tamarind, fenugreek, carob, and peanuts are all acceptable. The possibilities are endless. Just ensure that your shining ingredient is in fact a member of the legume family. All types of cuisines and courses are welcome, so long as the mighty legume is the key ingredient.

All you need to do is present your legume-centric dish, link to this page, along with a link to the host of the month's announcement post and kindly send a nod to Susan, our beloved creator of MLLA, and add you recipe using the linky tool provided at the end of the announcement post. Use of the logo is optional. Once in a while, as opportunities arise, prizes will be offered up. But that isn't the reason for the event. It is about sharing what you love, and in this case, it is the love of legumes and your cooking expertise.

I am looking for guests hosts for 2019. If you are interested, please email me at legume.lisa AT gmail DOT com.

Upcoming hosts:
Please note this list is subject to change:

October 2019: Sizzling Tastebuds




  1. Hi Lisa,

    I would like to host MLLA for Dec '13 if the slot is vacant.

  2. Hi Deepali; I am still sorting through requests but will add you to the list. Thanks for offering to host.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I would like to host MLLA for OCT or NOV 13.. Let me know if you have a open spot.

    Thanks & Regards,

  4. Hi Valli;

    I am scheduling hosts into the new year. I will add you to the list if you like for a month in 2014.

  5. Hi Lisa..
    Sure. Add me to the next available month in 2014..

  6. Hi Lisa

    I wanted to guest host this event MLLA on my Blog UK Rasoi (

    Please could you send me the details availability and the rules to my email id (


  7. Hi Nupur;

    I have added you to the list of bloggers wishing to guest host and just sent you an email.

  8. Hi. I would love to host MLLA for the next available month. Please confirm what month is next available for next year.

  9. Hi Lisa,

    Put my name for next available month for hosting. :-)


  10. Hi Lisa,

    I would to host this event once again.Any month is fine with me.Please let me know.

  11. Hi Lisa! Love this event, always get great recipes from it. Just wanted to let you know that I wasn't able to visit Nupur's page for this month's MLLA.

  12. Hi Emily. Nupur's page seems to be working just fine. Maybe it was just a temporary hiccup.

  13. Hi... I would love to host this event in March 2016. Please advise if the slot is still available. Thank you... :)

  14. Hello Rafeeda:

    March is available. I can't seem to find your contact info though. Please email me at legume.lisa @ gmail dot com

  15. Hi Lisa, I would love to host #MLLA on my blog any month is fine for me. I blog at

  16. Hello Jayasri:

    I just sent you an email. Hope April is good for you to host. Let me know and I will reserve the spot for you.

  17. yes Lisa, April is fine for me, I didn't get any e-mail though :)

  18. I just sent you another email Jayasri. If you don't get it, email me at legume(dot)Lisa(at)gmail(dot)com.

  19. Hi Lisa, I completely forgot about the round-off, it's been a long time I participated in any event! Here is my link for the roundup

  20. Is there a free slot? Pls let me know.

  21. Hello Sowmya: I just sent you an email. September is open, so let me know.

  22. I would like to host MLLA. Is there a free slot?

  23. Hi Archana:

    There is a spot open for October. Please send my an email, which you can find on this post if you can do that month.

  24. hi Lisa:

    I would like to host Aug/ Sep / Oct 2019 if its available. Please do let me know at my email ID or on this link itself. Thanks :)


  25. Hi Kalyani:

    Thanks for your note here. I have just sent you an email. Currently, July and any month until the end of the year is available. Just let me know which month works best for you and I will reserve the spot for you. Best, Lisa

  26. Hi Lisa!
    I would love to host #MILA on my blog at If it is available please let me know. Thanks!

  27. Thank you for your interest. I will be in contact with you regarding upcoming spots. Best, Lisa

  28. Hi Lisa! Who is doing this June Months MLLA?

  29. Hi Archana. It is listed at the top of this post. PJ is kindly hosting:
    Hope you will be able to share one of your delicious creations!